Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan (TPK Belawan) is a business unit which performs espesially in the field of container services both for export import activities and interisland container handling. Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan is located at Belawan port about 30 km from the central city of Medan which has strategic location for the shipping activities because it is located inthe international shipping lane and has superiority as an exporting part for commodities of agricultural industry such as rubber, crude palm oil, cocoa, coffee and other forestry products from the hinterland in the province of North Sumatra, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and Riau. Whereas the main commodities imported are such as flour, soybean, chemical, machinery part and fertilizer. 

The facilities and equipment owned to serve container handling and stacking activities. To enhance the service at this time is carried out by having optimal equpment maintenance, enhancing human resources competence, applying quality management system ISO 9001:2008 from SGS, applying Management Information Systems Operational (CTOS / Container Terminal Operation System), applying international Ships and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and achieving the award from goverment that is Golden Flag, the highest achievement of health and safety working section, in the future planned some fasilities and equipment will be added and maximized.

The spreading of information about the container terminal has been carried out largely by distributing leaflets and making website which can be accessed largely, but to enhance its spreading we publish container terminal booklet which is hopefully more beneficial for the customers or other business players.




Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan (TPK Belawan) is an operator of container terminal under the management of Indonesia Port Corporation I which provides container handling service for export-import and interisland activities.

In 1980, TPK Belawan was established firstly on impolder land of around 30 hectares, and was opened officially by the President of Republic Indonesia, Soeharto on March 17th 1987.

The activities of Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan serves mainly feeder ships with the destination of Penang, Port Klang, Singapore.

Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan constantly attempts to increase the quality of the services which are oriented to customer's satisfaction and all the systems are organized in the International Standard of Quality Management System of ISO 9001 : 2008.

On 7 th November 2007, Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan has achieved Statement of Compliance of A Port Facility Issued by Directorate General of Sea Communication under the provisions of the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code).



Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan is one of technical organizer branch from Indonesia Port Corporation I, which performs business and service of loading and discharging containers. This branch is the largest in Sumatera, located at Gabion Belawan area, that is North East Sumatera, precisely around 30 km away from Medan, the capital of North Sumatera province.

Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan is located at the mouth of Belawan River and Deli River with shipping channel that measures 13,5 km in length connecting the port to territorial waters in Malacca Straits. Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan was established firstly in 1980 on impolder land extensively ± 30 hectares, and used officially by The President of Republic Indonesia on March 17th 1987.

Container service development at Gabion Belawan was carried out in phase whether from organizational or service aspect, starting with the structure of UTPK Division organization under the management of Belawan branch on September 1st 1984 and started operating the service of loading and discharging with ship crane on February 10th 1985.
It operated fully as container terminal after being equipped with 2 units of container crane on March 1987. Based on Indonesia port corporation I director’s decree No.OT.09/I/I/PI-98 dated January 16th 1998, organization structure and the work administration of Belawan International Container Terminal was determined. Since then the division of container terminal business at the branch of belawan port was changed its status officially to be branch port or independent business branch of Indonesia Port Corporation I namely Belawan Container Terminal Unit in short UTPK Belawan.

Then in 2003 the organizational structure of Belawan Container Terminal Business Unit was improved by Indonesia port corporation I director’s decree No PR.01/1/4/PI-03 about organization structure and work administration at port branch ( UTPK Belawan).

In 2009 until now the organizational structure change become Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan in short TPK Belawan.




TPK Belawan is very strategic because it is located at the international lane and geographically located in the position of :
- 03-43'-00" LU North Latitude
- 98-42'-08" BT East Longitude

TPK Belawan is located at lowland between Belawan river and Deli river. Shipping channel measure 13,5 km in length connecting the port to territorial waters in Mallaca straits.

Withe the depth of basin area of -8 to -10 meters lws and shipping channel that measure 13 miles in length presents a significant geographical advantage to shipping lines.

As a result, TPK Belawan atrategic location at world's international shipping lanes guarantees opportunities of heavy traffic.

The distance from Medan to TPK Belawan is about 30 kilometers and 35 kilometers from Polonia International Airport Medan which can be reached via Belmera Highway and Medan Belawan freeway.

The infrastructure supports and effective distribution network to be well connected.



The hinterland of Terminal Peti Kemas Belawan consists of plantation area, forestry, fishery, agriculture in North Sumatera, Riau, Nanggoe Aceh Darussallam and industrial area around Medan.
The main export commodities from the port such as rubber, wooden product, nilam oil, chemical, betelnut, molding, coffee and gloves, whereas imported main commodities such as wheat flour, ground nut, kernel, chemical, corn, animal feed, steel, spareparts, engine and white sugar.



To survive and grow in long term of global business environment, the corporation is demanded to have world competitiveness. Therefore, Belawan Container Terminal Business Unit has also mission, vision, core beliefs along with what Indonesia port corporation I has.

To provide integrated, qualified port services, and gives value added to spur economic growth in the region.

Certainty time top priority.

To be number one in bussiness port affairs in Indonesia.

The commitment of Belawan Container Terminal Management and employees continually enhances the quality and professionalism of services which is oriented to the customer's satisfaction. The standard of quality services provided through the implementation of effective quality management with the criteria of being on time, safe and credible in which the whole system filled in international standard of the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2000 effectively and efficienly on all organization function with the certification from SGS quality management..



The needs of Belawan Container Terminal development are to increase operational performance and the supply of facilities to accommodate the increase of container throughput next years. Development will cover :